The Future of Healthcare – Conduit Street

The pandemic has highlighted the need for continued coordination of health and human services resources and data for the safety and wellbeing of Marylanders.

As a result, the state has developed a tool, an online cloud-based platform, opening channels of communication previously unavailable to state and county operatives.

Title: Health and Technology: The Future of Healthcare

Description: A renewed and intensified focus on public health has forced state and local governments to rethink how they deliver critical, often life-saving services to their communities. The State of Maryland has invested in a streamlined approach to health and human services delivery through the Maryland Total Human Services Integrated Network (MD THINK.) This cloud-based platform is the first of its kind in state government and offers an online one-stop-shop for everything from Medicaid to housing and energy assistance.The platform has recently been expanded to allow for more robust public health analytics to inform policy and program decision-making to reduce overdose. Join this panel to hear more about the “MD THINK” model, its many benefits, and how it can help your community.


  • Chris Shank, Director of External Affairs and Interagency Initiatives, Office of the Governor
  • Subi Muniasamy, Executive Director, MD THINK
  • Marianne Gibson, Chief Business Strategy Officer, MD THINK

Moderator: The Honorable George L. “Lenny” Pfeffer, Jr., Council Member, Dorchester County

Date/Time:Wednesday, August 17, 2022; 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm

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