The law, not politics, will dictate an end to Roe v. Wade

Regarding Eric Foster’s May 11 opinion commentary, “Integrity of the judiciary is at risk from overturning Roe,” examining the risk to judicial integrity from the U.S. Supreme Court review of the original basis for the 1973 ruling on Roe v. Wade: After a convoluted explanation, Mr. Foster states in conclusion that the sole reason the court got to its draft decision is summarized in one word: “Politics.”

I submit that, should that be the case, the ruling will not be able to withstand future attacks. Rather, Mr. Foster should have declared that the well-deliberated draft opinion is based on what a majority of the court found: That there is no basis in “law” for the Roe ruling nearly 50 years ago. That is the sole reason to overturn it.

Dick Ebinger,

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