Unique entertainment venue will mesh pinball, ice cream in downtown Allegan

A child plays pinball at The Regent Arcade's new location on Locust Street in downtown Allegan.

ALLEGAN — Downtown Allegan will soon be home to a new collaborative business, bringing ice cream, arcade games and, hopefully, liquor into a single, fun-filled spot.

The Regent Arcade Showroom — owned by Matt Adams and located at 128 Locust St. — will officially mesh with Scoopt, an ice cream shop at 155 Riverfront Plaza, in 2023. The businesses are owned by Adams under the umbrella Small Town Amusements.

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“Small Town Amusements started in 2018 when we first worked with the city on developing The Regent Arcade,” Adams said. “Post-COVID, we took over operation of the arcade and moved to our current location, rebranding as The Regent Arcade Showroom.

“In 2021, Small Town Amusements purchased Scoopt, which is right on the riverfront downtown, with the intention of combining both businesses at that location. But then, we came up with this new partnership with ONE Enterprises for a street-level location.”

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