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Renée Johnson is a Senior Advisor at Public Private Strategies and was the Co-director of Reimagine Main Street. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government and a Master of Science degree in Education from South Illinois University Carbondale, as well as a Master of Business Administration/School of Law, Marketing Management from the University of Maryland. She has been advocating for women of color in politics, policy, entrepreneurship, and leadership through her work. She does this by developing strategies that impact small businesses’ needs, focusing on capital—especially for business owners of color.

Today, Renée joins me to detail her work with the Reimagine Main Street initiative as well as the program’s long-term goals. She shares information on the Back in Black Business program, how it was funded, and how it is helping women of color grow their businesses. Renée also reveals what is being done to advocate for business owners to get capital and organizations that can help.

“COVID-19 hit black women businesses across the country very very hard, and now the signs of recovery are starting to emerge; black women are starting new businesses at record rates.” – Renée Johnson

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • The initiatives of the Reimagine Main Street Program
  • Long-term strategies for the program
  • What the Back in Black Business program is, and how it was funded
  • The rise in black women-owned businesses as we emerge from the pandemic
  • What is being done to advocate for business owners to access capital
  • Organizations that are helping minority business owners to get capital

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